Sunnyhill Restoration Area

A 4,405-acre swath of public land in the Ocklawaha River floodplain, Sunnyhill Conservation Area offers five different trailheads for hikers, bicyclists, and equestrians to roam its vast network of forest roads and levees. I’ve ducked into several of them over the years, but found the trail surface a bit too soft for my taste until I did this hike. As its name insinuates, the Levee Trail follows a levee, and it’s out in the open. However, the tradeoff is excellent views of the Ocklawaha River, carved into a channel by the Army Corps of Engineers, on one side, and the marshes of the Ocklawaha River on the opposite side, stretching off as far as the eye can see. The trail extends between trailheads off SR 42 and at Moss Bluff. Unless you have two cars to go the distance (and want to pay the parking fee at Moss Bluff), the best way to experience this trail is a walk north to a covered observation deck along the river and marshes.

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Sunnyhill Restoration Area

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