Jervey Gantt Park

A large, 63-acre active community park located on the southeast side of the city, Jervey Gantt is settled within a residential area, adjacent to commercial use spaces with surrounding vacant land. The park offers recreational facilities for various team sports, some under large field lighting. Additionally, guests enjoy a swimming pool, jogging trails, a two-mile health fitness course and plenty of opportunities for picnicking and parking with open fields and pavilions and 120 parking spaces dispersed throughout, all accompanied by pedestrian scale lighting.

Basketball Courts:                      2

Volleyball Sand Courts:            3

Tennis Courts:                             3

Soccer/Football Fields:             2 w/ Stadium Seating

T-Ball Fields:                               4

Softball/Baseball Fields:           1

Racquetball Courts:                    2

Playgrounds:                                2

Pools:                                             1, Jervey Gantt Aquatic Fun Center

Pavilions:                                     6 (One 10-Table, One 8-table, Four 2-table)

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Jervey Gantt Park

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