Forest High School

Forest High School is a school in Ocala, Marion County, Florida, USA. It has an EMIT (engineering) program. The school’s colors are green and gold, and the school mascot is the Wildcat. It is a rival to Vanguard in sports. As of 2012, it had an enrollment of some 2,350.

Forest High School moved to its current location on Maricamp Road, southeast of the city limits of Ocala, in 2005. The school was originally on Fort King Street in Ocala, at the 1959 campus of Ocala High School. Ocala High was renamed Forest High in 1969 with the opening of Vanguard High School. According to tradition, the Marion County School Board wanted the city’s second high school to start on equal footing with the first by putting to rest the name Ocala High School.

Forest High School belongs to the Marion County School District.

The school also offers a Basketball/Volleyball Court.

Contact Information

Forest High School

5000 SE Maricamp Road Ocala, FL 34481