Fern Hammock Springs

The pool measures 75 ft (22.9 m) north to south and 156 ft (47.5 m) east to west. There are at least 20 sandy boils scattered throughout the spring pool. The largest sand-filled boil, located directly under the footbridge, was sampled for water quality. The depth measured over the sampled boil is 5.0 ft (1.5 m), but the rest of the spring pool is shallow, averaging approximately 2 ft (.6 m) deep. The bottom of the pool is sand with abundant patches of native aquatic grasses. The water is clear and has a light bluish tint. Limited exotic aquatic vegetation is present in the spring pool. Algae are present as a thin and patchy coating on the aquatic grasses. The springs are situated in a shallow spring pool that is a widened section of a side channel of Juniper Creek. A clear water channel flows into the pool on the south side. Water exits via a clear stream channel on the northwest side of the pool flowing approximately 600 ft (182.9 m) to Juniper Creek. There are additional small springs along the creek. A wooden footbridge arches over the center of the elongated spring pool. This spring is maintained in a more natural state than the neighboring Juniper Springs. Much of the pool is under a hardwood forest canopy and is within a dense mesic forest of pine, palm, and hardwoods. The banks are pristine, rising steeply to 3 ft (0.9 m) above water level. There is an interpretive pavilion near the northeast shore up in the woods, and two old ceramic drainage pipes lead down into the pool.

Directions / Usage: The spring is for observation only, to protect the distinctive and fragile sand boils and natural character of the site. Signs warn visitors to keep out of the water and that there are alligators in the spring. A nature trail connects Fern Hammock and Juniper Springs. The spring is located in the midst of the Juniper Springs recreation area, which offers camping (60 RV sites and 19 tent sites), swimming, canoeing (with drop-off and pick-up), canoe rentals, rest rooms, concessions, visitor center, museum, picnic facilities, and showers.

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Fern Hammock Springs

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